Type Mappings

Cassandra 3.0+

Cassandra Type Scala Type
varchar String
uuid java.util.UUID
inet java.net.InetAddress
int Int
bigint Long
boolean Boolean
double Double
varint BigInt
decimal BigDecimal
float Float
blob Array[Byte]
list List
map Map
set Set
tuple Tuple*
timestamp java.util.Date
date com.datastax.driver.core.LocalDate
time Time
  • Time is a type specific to this library so as not to conflict with bigint and Long. it is defined as
final case class Time(millis: Long)
  • There are overrides for both the joda library and jdk8 time library that take advantage of Cassandra‚Äôs new codecs. These codecs have to be registered with your Cluster instance; See date codecs for more